Why I'm THE Aigle Princess? Well, that title was given to me by one of my admirers. Actually, he introduced me to this wonderfull fetish and delightful world of Aigleboots and we are still very special to each other.

I'm very fond of my ridingclothes and especially my Aigleridingboots, that's why I started this site to share it with you.

I found me a photographer who feels, without saying much words, how I want to expose my fetish to everybody. We allready spent quite some time shooting pictures on many different places. And also he shot some short clips in Greece, where I'm walking on the beach and in the sea with the Aigleridingboots.

I just love to wear my Aigle rubber riding boots. In fact, I wear them every day, no matter what kind of weather. Since a couple of years I have developed a fetish for the famous Aigleridingboots and I started to collect them. As soon as I discovered the Internet I easily found my way to the Aigleridingboots website.


For now, before I continue updating this site, I want to tell you that I own allready a some pairs of ridingboots and also some ridingclothes, but not enough offcourse. So hereby an invitation to you all to support my love for the Aigleridingboots and buy my cd's. In this way I will be able to expand my collection of clothes and boots. Offcourse I want to surprise you with more exiting pictures of me, wearing my outfit everywhere we go.

Love to you all.