Welcome to my web shop.

After many requests for a section where you can download my photographs, I have been discussing this and I think we have found a perfect solution. I have created the possibility for you to get a legal posession of a copy of my photo's via the stockphoto site of the Photographer. He is willing to host my own part in his Stockphoto webshop. Here you can start selecting subsets of photo's from my CD's , pay them via paypal and right after that you will be able to download an archive containing the selected subset of photos' I am sure I will do many of you all great pleasure with this new option. Not all CD's are available yet but I will soon have all the CD's available there too.

Please click on the link below to go to our webshop.
Stockphoto webshop.

I just started with this webshop so I hope it works all right. I had some troubles with the BuyNow buttons at the galleries and I hope the solution also works here. (The problem was during the Paypal part.) If you experience any problem in buying things from the website please tell me. I surely do not want to disappoint you.

Note in the paypal site they ask for a phone number. You can add any number as long as the nuber of digits is correct.:-)

I heard that not everyone can use paypall, so I am thinking on solutions for this problem. For now, I am willing to offer the opportunity to order the CD bij E-mail and pay directly to a bank account. You will still have to make the payment in advance offcourse. If you want to order by mail please tell clearly (copy the information on the item) what you want to have in the mail. In this way I will be sure what you would like to order. In the reply on your mail you will get the required information for the money transfer.

At this moment I only offer you to buy CD's with my images.

I'm thinking of other items that I might offer to you. So if you have special desires, please ask me! You never know........


The AiglePrincess

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