Here I want to share some of the wonderful moments that we, my boots and I, have had together.

8 june 2008

As true fans have seen I have been away quite a long time now. This does not mean I am lost forever but I also have found some other area's I like to explore. I still wear my Eagles and in fact I am planning another photoshoot with my true friend Louis on short notice. Of course you all are invited to visit the photo webshop and order some of the pic's That would stimulate me to spend some more time on this website again.


20 may 2007

A lot of true fans mailed me with requests for photograps and also also if I was allright? This was because the silence on my side, it was such a long time ago that I've written some bootsteps. Well, even an Aigleprincess has to have some time to arrange and think about Her plans. In this particulair case with my photographer, who also is the designer of this website (and even more websites).

After many requests for a section where you can download my photographs, I have been discussing this and I think we have found a perfect solution. I have created the possibility for you to get a legal posession of a copy of my photo's via the stockphoto site of the Photographer. He is willing to host my own part in his

Stockphoto webshop.

Here you can start selecting subsets of photo's from my CD's , pay them via paypal and right after that you will be able to download an archive containing the selected subset of photos' I am sure I will do many of you all great pleasure with this new option. Not all CD's are available yet but I will soon have all the CD's available there too.

Very soon you can expect even more pictures and good changes on my website, so keep a close eye and visti the webshop. And of courseI turst that you will let Me know how you like My improvements on the website. Or if there are any specifics you'll like to see here.


2006 november 19

Sunday, Aigleprincessday

Aigleprincess on the floor

It's sunday, Aigleprincessday.
A long time since you've read about Me and my adventures. No worries, I'm okay and I suppose you all are okay as well.
My bootslave visited Me some weeks ago and I ordered him to lay down on the floor. With his new rubber shirt, the ridingthrouser and his brandnew ridingboots he was enjoying my red ridingboots and my caressing hands.
As always I'm the best, the sweetest and the one and only Aigleprincess and oh, how he agreed with Me.
Within a few days there will be new pics in the gallery, but for now one pic as accompany with this little sundaystory.



2006 july 15

Sunday, Aigleprincessday

Hello Aiglelovers,

A very sunny Sunday and your Aigleprincess is very happy and pleased today.
What happened?
Well, for instance...yesterday your Princess and Her photographer were looking at the pictures, made in Samos (Greece).
And no, no pictures of my boots or riding clothes this time, but just great pictures of Samos itself and also of your Aigleprincess in very different outfit.
We were visiting an open-air-discotheque in the middle of nowhere. Like a kind of ghosttown, because the disco was shut down already for quite some years. But the atmosphere and decoration of it was outstanding, so we've made a lot of kinky photo's this time.

And not only I'm a great fan of riding boots, but also of real highheels and leather. Imaging this for yourself: Me, standing there colored by sun like a chocolate, and believe Me when I tell you that I fell in love with myself when I was looking at these pictures.

Maybe......maybe someday I'll show you some pictures of this holiday, but for now...keep an eye on the site, cause within a week or so NEW pictures of your Aigleprincess and my boot slave Lou, walking outside in Rotterdam, both dressed in riding clothes and - boots.

Have a good Sunday!!

Your Aigleprincess.



2006 may 21

Sunday, Aigleprincessday?

The real fans among you will have noticed that your Aigleprincess was 'away' for two weeks.
Was she sick, maybe the flue, or perhaps on a holiday to the tropics?
No, none of that! If you really want to know, I will tell read it carefully and think about it real good and consider the impact it might have.

For quite a long time now your Aigleprincess fills her bootsteps weekly. Untill now every week She's telling you about all the fun and excitement She's having. About slaves visiting Her place, receiving red Aigles from a fan or being trapped by the police, buying a Christmastree. Also She's showing you a lot of photo's, for instance of Rotterdam but also Rhodes and even some photo's from her home.

During this time I received some nice fanmail, pictures and requests from some true fans, which I'm very fond of. But.....and here it comes....a lot of 'fans' seem to be dead, just consuming, reading, watching pictures and all of this without any feedback and some even have the nerve to ask me for free pic's!! They're just very lazy and greedy fans, they only like a Dutch treat (I'm afraid)
This I will not tolerate anymore, I don't like this kind of being a so called Aigle 'fan'.

From now on I will fill my bootsteps with news or pics whenever I like it, not because of the fact that already a week has gone by. Or because it is Sunday,Aigleprincessday.
For me it's always an Aigleprincessday, I tell you that!

So this site will only be updated for the real, true and hearing Aigle fans and only at that moment I am in the mood to do so!

If you regret my decision, or maybe disagree.. you can mail me anytime of course. But to be true, I don't expect to receive a lot of reactions, just because what I told you above...... A lot of so called 'fans' are only consuming.....the real Aiglefans al ready send me mails and compliments about the CD's they bought or the pic's they've seen.

So.....join in for real or stay a wannabe!


2006 apr 30

Sunday, Aigleprincessday...

Okay, last week I skipped a bootstep. An unexpected holiday was something I couldn't refuse of course.

Today, April the 30, it's a special day in Holland.
Well, here in Holland in fact it's Queensday. The whole country is celebrating the anniversary of the Queens mother, Juliana. Everything is turned into orange, the color of the Royal Family in Holland. Carnivals, musicbands, parades, flee-markets and lots of beer and food are things you'll see the last few days.
It's a good habit in Holland to celebrate Queens night (evening before Queensday) with beer, music and food together with friends and family, all outside.

But what did I do on a Queensnight/day, you might ask yourself? Well, of course I'm not a Queen, but yet a Princess so I celebrated this day with some fans of me. They bought me some gifts and flowers and helped me with one of my fantasies.
For a long time I was hoping to walk over slaves, laying naked on the floor. Then I would walk over their bodies, wearing at first my Aigle riding boots and riding pants and for the second walk I would like to wear my stiletto's and leather tight skirt and corset.

Oh boy, what a fantasy it was! And now this fantasy is for filled!!!!

When they arrived yesterday they had to hand over their gifts for me. of course in a proper way, kneeling down for me and bending their head. There were six slaves, all of them with a boldy head (the way I prefer), giving me a perfect view.
After I unwrapped my presents and thanked them, I gave the order to undress and lay down at the (cold, marmer) floor.
They were shivering and complaining a bit to much, so I took some gags, putting them in their mouths. This was much better, not only the silence but the view of it as well.

After a few minutes the poses were good enough for my photographer to start with shooting pics, while I walked over my slaves. When I planted my foot on their bare buts, I heard them moaning and grumble inside. God, I loved this so much! Carefully I walked over their naked bodies, while my photograper was working very hard.
Now I was going a bit further, I dressed myself into my leather outfit with my real high and sharp stiletto's.
One of the slaves had already seen this dreadful stiletto's, so he closed his eyes very quickly when he saw me start walking. I just had to smile, this is so perfect!!

Again very carefully I stepped on the first slave, putting my stiletto into his skin very deep. A print of it is still lasting, telling you this..
When I stood on the third slave, the photographer asked my to stand still so he could take a perfect shot of me. Underneath my stiletto's a slave was holding his breath during the time I was standing on him. It was a exciting feeling for me, standing like this on slaves.

Still now I'm very excited and heaving a lot of 'after'-fun, telling you this.
Don't know if these pictures will be shown on this site....still have to think about that.

But I wanted to tell you anyway about for filling one of my fantasies....

Greetings for now,

Your Aigleprincess.

2006 apr 17

Today it's Sunday....Aigleprincessday

Oh no! It's monday....happy Easter you all! Your Aigleprincess had a day-off yesterday but with a good reason. As usual on Easter (here in Holland anyway) before breakfast we're gonna look for Easter eggs which are hidden somewhere.
One of my friends was awake very early yesterday and very quiet he took a basket full of eggs to hide them for us.
"Come on out!! You can start searching now!" he shouted in the glorious, delicious, addicting silence of a Sunday morning....pfffftttt. I grumbled, cause I didn't want to wake-up a such a time.
"Come please, the eggs are waiting for you! After you've find them, you can have breakfast!"now he shouted and when I put my nose in the air, I thought I smelled some fresh coffee.
"Well okay, I'm coming and it better be good!"..I shouted back and stepped out of bed.

After a (very short) shower and quickly stepping into my riding pants, shirt and boots I went downstairs, outside in the garden where he was waiting for us. was very cold outside, so I started to search for the eggs so I could return inside quicker to start my breakfast.

Crackkkkkkkk....Oh God, just one step and did I already crushed an egg now? I looked under my right boot and saw the sticky inside dripping of my boot. Ughhhhh, how dreadful...yuk!
I stepped backwards and again I heard the sound of cracking. "Oh no, not again??"
Well, yes! The second egg cracked under my boot, my leftboot now.
I started to laugh and the others joined me laughing. It was a silly sight, three adults searching and cracking eggs, we looked like children. Now we all three were searching only for cracking the eggs, not to eat them or so.

After at least cracking five eggs, I decided that it was enough for now. I pulled out my riding boots to leave them outside and I noticed that my feet were sweating and very warm.
Well, it doesn't matter feet would cool down while sitting and having breakfast. And later on someone else would have the pleasure of cleaning my boots.
They started clean and shiny, so they will be clean and shiny again... Or else!

Till next week, Aiglelovers!

Your Aigleprincess.

2006 apr 9

Sunday again, time flies when you're having fun!

Yes, your Aigleprincess is here again to tell you some news.
Besides all the things I do with my site, my fetish, the photo's etc, I do have another addiction and that is writing (as you already know).
Well, now this dream is close to coming true, I'm at the point of no return....publish my first book!
(unfortunately for you it's written in Dutch, so start learning Dutch please very soon)

Somewhere in may or June my book will be for sale in most of the local bookstores but also on my other website. It isn't diary or a novel, but somewhere in between.
When you start reading my book, it's like stepping in a rollercoaster. Going through all levels of my life, fantasy and truth. What's fantasy or what really happened that's for me to know and you to find out.
Even an Aigleprincess is having a normal life, or should I say: a heavy life?

But I promise you all....when I should become really famous, I won't forget my fetish or my fans:-))
So I'll keep working on my site and someday I'll hope to have a meeting with all of you. Or maybe, just like a few weeks ago, be visited by one of you who must clean and polish my riding boots.

For those who are curious about my book: search for the links on my site and it will bring you to my other website and book.

Enjoy all and till next week!

Your Aigleprincess.

2006 apr 2

Sunday, it's a perfect day for me to go outside!

The sun is shining, just some clouds in the sky and the temperature is perfect for me.
Dressing up in front of the mirror, my boots already shining and my dog is waiting for me.

I think I'll go to the nearest park in Rotterdam, the so called 'Kralingse-Plas'.
Don't forget to put on my new sunglasses, my leather gloves and last, but not camera. Maybe for just one time I can be the one to take pic's, or maybe I'll ask a stranger who is passing by to take a picture of me and my dog.

Don't know what will happen today, but one thing is for sure: I'm enjoying my boots and riding clothes, maybe sit on a terras and just look at people. Maybe I'll see someone wearing riding boots as well. Maybe it's you??

Surprise and mail me: what are you doing on a sunny Sunday?


Your Aigleprincess.


2006 mar 26

Hello my Aiglelovers, as usual your Aigleprincess speaking here :-)

This week was a frustrating, but also a good week. Wanna know what happened?
Yahoo, the host of my site mailed that they weren't happy with the contempt and they decided to stop hosting. Unhappily, they stopped hosting immediately so my site wasn't on air at once!
Okay, after I wished them some curses I start to think what to do now? of course I found myself a solution, that was even better than before. I claimed my own domain and decided to be my own host. Worth an Aigleprincess !

There's only one problem: the mailing group on Yahoo had stopped aswell by Yahoo, so I couldn't reach the members of this group to give them my new adress.

So there's something for you, Aiglelover, to do for me:
If you have a friend who was a member of the Yahoogroup aswell, tell him/her my new adress. So they all can visit the place where I share my love for the Aigleriding boots with you! And of course YOU can still visit me whenever you want to see me here :-)

As a new link you'll find the 'Reitstiefelforum'. already for a long time I did my postings there, so for now it's the place that I will use for a while, instead of the Yahoo group.

Something that didn't changed is my guestbook. You can leave a message there for me or just write me a mail with your thoughts, wishes, desires, compliments or whatever you wish to tell me.

That's all for now, folks :-)))

Greetings of your Aigleprincess.

2006 mar 19

of course it's Sunday, your 'Aigleprincess-day'.
This week a remarkable fan was laying at my feet. Wanna know why?

Well, I went to a shop nearby Rotterdam and in that shop I saw a lot of rubber, leather and all the stuff I like so much.
I was sniffing through all the clothes and toys, when a lady came up to me and asked if I was the Aigleprincess.
I was very surprised by this question, here in this shop by this lady, I could tell you that. But of course I was very flattered to be recognized by her.
I told her that indeed I am the Aigleprincess and asked her if she was a fan of me as well?
She nodded a 'yes' and blushed when asking if she was allowed to greet me in a proper way.
Well, my fans.. I can tell you that this lady surprised me again.

There were just a few people in the shop, so I didn't think it would be annoying or so when she would kneel for me. So I allowed her to greet me, just the way it should be done when meeting the Aigleprincess.
she took a deep breath, looked at me and kneeled for me, while kissing my boots.
.......of course I was wearing them!
Very softly and slow she was kissing and licking my boots, her head was close to the ground.

She mumbled: "Greetings, dear Aigleprincess. I'm so honoured to kiss your boots and greet you. I follow all your adventures on your site and enjoy all of your photo's. I'm so happy to meet you in real, Aigleprincess. I admire you and all the things you do. Sometimes I wear my Aigleriding boots for just a few moment and then I'm really enjoying it.
But for now, Aigleprincess. Now I'm laying at your feet, just the way it should be!
Thank you so much for allowing me, Aigleprincess!"

No need to tell you all that I forgot the shopping. We started a good conversation, followed by a lovely dinner. of course I was still wearing my Aigleriding boots. We gave eachother our mobilenumber and promise to have a photoshoot in the future. She as a slavegirl, I (of course) as myself, the Aigleprincess.

So again, my dear fans, keep an eye on the site.
Greetings to you all,


2006 mar 12

Hi My Aiglelovers,

A sunny Sunday and almost forgot to tell you about my week.

I've received some mails with compliments for the last new pictures. I didn't know that there are so many Aiglelovers, who want to share their feelings with me. Share their thoughts and desires, but also tell me their wishes.
One of the mails I received included a very nice guesture of a fan. He wants to bring me a real horseshoe, polished and all. It should bring me lots of luck and succes, he told me.
of course no one can afford to waste such an offer on more luck and succes, so soon he will visit me and hand over the special gift.

Also I was checking my other stuff at the site stats and I noticed that a lot of new visitors have been present on my site. It seems I am already 'famous' on the other end of the world! Visitors from India, Egypt, Russia, but also Canada, Australia and Iceland.
I was happily surprised to see that people from all over the world seem to know about my site. And this make me even more enjoy the fanmail I receive.

Maybe we will never see eachother in real, but something I really like is to stay in contact by mail with friends from all over the world.
To hear from others how they enjoy their fantasies, maybe see some of their own pictures or just answer questions from them. I like it anyway, so I hope that everyone will stay in contact with me. And all of you who didn't before....please mail me now and tell me how you feel?

Have a good week, you all!!



2006 mar 05

Hello Aiglelovers,

This week again a short update from your beloved Aigleprincess. I don't have to tell you much in my bootsteps, cause in STORIES there's a lot more to read.
Two stories in Dutch , told by real fans en Aiglelovers. (sorry for the English fans, but maybe an ultimate challenge for you to send me a story in English)

And of course other important news: two previews of my brandnew CD-roms. You can see them in the gallery and within some days you can order and see and wonder for yourself.

Uptill now, my photographer told me: about 1100 pictures already are shot of the Aigleprincess!!! My God, that much already? Pfew, I was blushing all over my body and became proud of the patient of the photographer and all his work. 1100 pictures of the Aigleprincess and yet more to come!!

Greetings, my you can enjoy a lot on my site!

Your Aigleprincess.

2006 feb 26

Today I can be very short: don't wanna tell you too much, cause I've a big surprise!
Today a very close fan of me visited my place and polished my boots in a way.....
ahummmmmmm, I think I'm gonna tell you later.

Bye all!!

One thing I want to tell you anyway: my boots are shining like they've never done before.

Thank you, Toussaint!

2006 feb 19

My dear Aiglefans,its Sunday so you all know what this means:
Some words from your AiglePrincess.

This week I've received again some lovely mails and I want to share some of the reactions with you. One fan send me great compliments for the pics he already had seen on the site. He wanted to order a CD-rom with more pics and asked me which one he should order? I advised him to start with the first CD-rom, so he had the opportunity to get to know me from the beginning and his collection in a chronological order.

Another fan who has mailed me before, has sent me a story in which he was acting as a sort of an Aigleprins. Telling me how he loved to buy riding boots with a slave and what he would do with him. But also a story imagining he was a slave, who was able to buy new riding boots for 'his princess'. I think he really enjoyed writing his story and I liked it that much, I asked him if he would like to place his story on my site. For now I'm waiting to get his answer about this and maybe very soon you all can read his story on my site.

I received a message from a new fan, which I met in Rotterdam. I've told him about my site
and after a few days I saw a note from him in my guestbook. Telling me that he really liked
the pics and my fetish. And of course he hoped to see me very soon again in ridingclothes and boots.

These are just some of the nice mails I get and I want to share with you, so you'll get a closer look inside My world and My fans.

Unfortunatly sometimes there are people who are thinking that I've become very rich of selling my pictures on CD-rom. Here I'm telling you that this isn't true. The little money I make by selling these, is used for riding boots and clothes and so new pictures can be shot for my site. In this way you all can enjoy more and more pictures and news from me.
Sometimes they ask to send them more seperate pics etc, but I think I already show enough in the galleries for free. So no, I don't send more pics just for fun. I think all of the Aiglefans can see enough of me on the site and when they want to see the pics on full size, they'll just have to order a CD-rom. If you calculte by ordering 1 cd it is less then 20 cents per picture....And from the respons I get I know it is good value for money:)

OK I throw in one more to spoil you all;) With a Kiss from Holland

Yours beloved...


2006 feb 12

Sunday, bloody Sunday!

While I'm writing my bootsteps, a slave is sitting at my feet, polishing my boots with his tongue.
I thougt you may like this to read, cause you're all Aiglelovers.
He's at my place from 10.00 a.m. and he started his day by walking the dog. of course he was wearing his own Aigles and his ridingpants, proud as he is. But my dog is that big and enthousiastic, that while he was walking and playing outside with her, his clothes and boots turned out very dirty.
I ordered him to take out his clothes and put it in the washingmachine. The boots he had to clean for himself of course. When I was preparing brunch, he was sitting all naked on his knees, cleaning them. It was a wonderfull sight for me, I assure you.
After fifteen minutes or so he was done and asked me if he could join at my table.
Well, I'm not that kind of a bitch that I would refuse such a request, so I gave him permission to join me.
But when we finished brunch, I ordered him to go to my kitchen and clean the dishes etc. And I told him to do this kind of work also totally naked. The only exception was that he had to wear his Aigleboots, which he had to clean.
I wanted to enjoy the view of all this, so I stood in the doorway, smoking a sigarette. Every time he turned around to me, I winked at him and ordered him to take a bow.
He was so turned on already of all things happened this day, he wasn't paying attention at the lamp that was hanging above the sink. He wanted to stand up and the lamp hit his head that hard, he was getting tears in his eyes. When I examined his head, I saw some blood through his hair, dripping to his eyebrow and eye.
I was feeling sorry for him, so I put him on a chair and nursed him as good as I could. I gave him a glass of water and a big hug. And I remembered my dirty boots in the hall, waiting for a good cleaning and polishing. I told the slave to sit down next to my chair and wait for me to come back with a surprise.
So now I'm telling you all this, while his tongue is licking my boots. Next to him a glass of water, because I don't want him to dry out. My boots won't survive a dry tongue, you know :-))

2006 feb 5

It's just a rainy day, this Sunday.

Nothing to cry about, but the sky is so dark and sad. It makes me longing for the spring, walking in the sun, feeling the warmth in my boots.
When the spring is in the air, people are coming out of their houses and smiling a lot more.
They're laughing, making trips and showing off with their cars of maybe their boots?

Last summer, when I was walking trough my hometown Rotterdam, I saw many people sitting on the terras. One guy caught my eye, while nipping at his coffee and winking at me.
I thought: "What are you winking me, do you think I'm your dog?". I just 'sniffed' at him and keep on walking, till my eyes looked at his feet, under the table.
He was wearing Aigleriding boots!! Owwwww, it was fantastic to see another person wearing them outside. In a place where it wasn't that 'normal' to wear them.
That's why he winked at me, he just saw my riding boots as well.

I turned around and walked over to him and sat down on the chair next to him. Both of our Aigles were clean and polished, so you could see the sun shining in them. Beautiful black and shiny riding boots, there on the terras.
He asked me if I wanted to drink something and I told him I would like to have a coffee.
After he ordered the waitress, I told him my name and asked his. We shared a lot of ideas about the riding boots and clothes. After an hour or so, I stood up and told him I really had to go, because I had a dinnerdate that evening.
I gave him my card, told him to call me so we could make a dinnerdate as well. We promised eachother, when having dinner, to wear our most favorite ridingclothes and boots.

When I was walking home, this memory came to me, just out of the blue, on a terras, I met a new fan of the wonderful Aigles and it gave me some good feelings again..
But not today. Today is a rainy day, a Sunday. But happely I could share my thoughts about this with you.
Or....maybe you All are out, walking in the rain with your Aigles? I think so....:-))

2006 jan 29

Hello again, Aiglelovers!
As allways some news in my bootsteps for you. What happened today?
Well, today one of my fans was planning to visit me, to show me his riding boots and clothes. Maybe even to use him as my toy or just fool around :-)
But unfortunatly he had to cancel our date, so I was thinking what should I do now?

My photographer was very quick with a good idea: this week he bought a new camera and he wanted to try it out. So he told me we could go outside and take the camera with us.
Also a good opportunity for the red Aigles to go out for a walk.
We walked in the freezing cold, but the sun was shining so it was good weather to shoot some pics.
Luckely my photographer was able to shoot pics which are usefull for my site, so you can see a preview of it here.
Very soon you can see more pics of today in the gallery and you can order them if you like.
I was posing while people were walking by, some were skating or just staring at us.
I allways like it to have reactions of people, so when they're waving or smiling at me, I enjoy that very much. Also, it makes me very happy when fans are writing in my guestbook.
Enjoy the pics here and do what a real fan should do:

And remember the first rule!

Thou shall sign my guestbook!

Yours only,



2006 jan 22

Sunday, Aigleprincessday!!!
Thank God (or the Aigles) I'm a lot better now then I was last week.
Some days ago I put on my Aigles and a warm coat, called my dog (a big Rottweiler) and went outside. I took a deep breath of fresh air and walked for almost an hour in the muddy park.
That was a good beginning of my day, this walk in the mud with my dog.

In the evening I've made an appointment with another fan (and good friend) of mine, to look for some pics.
About three weeks ago he was visiting me for a Femdomsession and my photographer was taking a lot of photo's during this session.
We were sitting in a restaurant, soft music in the background and all photo's were spreaded out all over the table. The waitress was coming to take our order and she was looking at the
photo's with a gaze in her eyes.
"What a beautifull pictures you're having here, Ma'am and Sir. Are you selling them? I think they are so beautifull, I would buy them if possible. Can I see some more of it, please?"

Well, this was the first time someone asked me directly to buy the pictures. But I wanted to know what she was going to do with the pictures, where she wants to 'use' them.
She asked me if I would follow her to the hall, where a lot of paintings and photo's were shown around the big fireplace. When I looked closer, I saw paintings and more photo's of women in ridingclothes and boots were decorating this place. I was quite surprised I didn't noticed before, cause I've been here more often.
of course I was very flattered she asked me and I agreed with her that my pics would look beautiful here.

We went back to the table, where my fan and close friend were waiting. I told him that I was willing to give her some of the pictures, but only the ones on which I alone was posing.
I know that my fan is having a public carreer and he couldn't affort himself to show his fetish like this.
For me it's different: I do whatever I want and how I like it. My fetish is mine and I want to show it in a stylish way, as you all already know. I wear my ridingclothes, my rubberclothes and my riding boots (or my highheels) whenever I like and where I like.
So I called the waitress again and told here that next time I was visiting this restaurant, I surely would have a gift with me. A gift with some extraordinary photo's of me and the Aigles.

And to be honest, do you know a better place for my pics than in the hall near a fireplace of an exclusive restaurant? Do you??? Well then, mail me if you know a better or more exiting place for my pics....maybe I'll pass by to take a look!

Lots of Aiglekisses!!

the Aigleprincess.


2006 jan 15

Sunday, AiglePrincessday.....It still is, but this Sunday I don't feel that sunny.

What happened? Well, this week my boots were standing next to my frontdoor, waiting for me. They are cold and lonely, longing for my feet to wear them, taking them outside for a long walk.
But why didn't you, AiglePrincess? You could ask...
Well, this week I'm ill. I've got the flue and I couldn't go out with my Aigles. My temperature was rising and I was shivering in my bed. Believe me, it wasn't a shiver of pleasure.
of course I had a servant to get me some fresh orangejuice and some toast, hand over some tissues and aspirines. So he was taking good care of me. But it really knocked me of my feet, so no happy or naughty bootsteps from me this week, so sorry.
Although I'm not fully recovered, I'm looking forward to feel my Aigles at my feet, warming me and giving me the power that they used to do.
But hey...if you want me to recover, you may always send me a virtual wish, chocolat or flowers ;-)
Be creative, my Aiglefriends and cheer me up!

Yours sniffing,


2006 jan 8

Sunday, Aigleprincessday..

Last week was a week full of new-year-wishes and thinking about how to 'run'2006.
A lot of people will stop smoking or go to the gym, be a good and lovable person or stop eating and drinking too much.

For myself I will keep trying to show my fetish and enjoy making photos, buy new boots and meet new people.
For just a few weeks now, one of my admirers was complaining about his weight and at the first day of this new year I ordered him to come to my place. He had to tell his weight and what he was eating during the day (and night I think). And believe me, it was a lot! That's why he couldn't be a ponyboy anymore, cause sitting on hands and feet was almost impossible for him.

I told him that I would make a training schedule for him, that he would have to follow or else I wouldn’t allow him to expose himself as a ponyboy to me anymore. I want MY ponyboys to be strong and a bit athletic, otherwise they couldn't carry me for longer time. And most of all I want those boys to have respect. Not only to ME but also respect their corps and to have a good stamina when I want to ride them. And, just to assure you that I'm not only into looks, I think someone who's just bigger or taller or whatever should wear riding boots and clothes. I think that's very okay! But to be a real fast ponyboy, requires much more, so my admirer has to work on himself and do a lot of exercising.

For now, he calls me daily on the phone, telling me how many exercising he's doing, how little he's eating and how he's feeling. Its tough for him now, it's probably also very difficult. But I am sure of one thing! The thought of being a good ponyboy for me again is keeping him focused on his new goal and I'm enjoying that very much. I'm supporting him where-ever I can, because in the future I will use him when I want to go riding (maybe even on the beach...)

2006 jan 1

Happy Aiglesyear, all you Aiglelovers!!Xmas Aigle1

I wish you all the very best, lots of happines and good health, but of course I wish you all a fetish new year.
Last weekend I didn't write news in my bootsteps. First..I was celebrating Christmas, like all of you and second...I wanted to know if someone noticed my absence. Thank the Aigles, the next day I already received some mail, asking me if everything was allright.

My Christmas was a good one, good friends and family, all my belovedones together. Great dinners, wonderfull champagne and lots of laughter was coming my way, so I enjoyed it very, very much. My red Aigles wanted to pose in front of the christmastree, so you can see how my christmastree turned out (after the adverture a few weeks ago, searching for a christmastree).
Don't they look pretty, standing next to my tree? Aren't they shiny and lickable?


Last night, Xmas aigle2when all the bells were ringing and people were hugging and kissing eachother for the new year, I put on my red Aigles and went outside. There was a lot of firework and of course a lot of noise, but my Aigles wanted to walk through all this to taste the new year. And there was also some snow, so a lot of dirty work on the streets :-)
Anyway, we walked some, talked to some people (wishing them Happy Newyear) and I was feeling great. Even when it was at night, there were still people who were staring at me and my boots. By some I could see the adoration in their eyes and I just loved it.

I hope that everyone will have a splendid and exiting new year, may a lot of your wishes come true. an older lady wished for me last night: "May the best things of the old year, be the worst things for the new year!"
I had to think about it for just a few seconds, but then I realised she wished me better than best. So here's my newyearswish for you too.

If you want to give me your newyearswishes, Please sign my guestboot.



2005 dec 18

XmasAigleHello my dear Aiglelovers,

Sunday...Aigleprincess-day, you all know this by now.
What happened this week? Well, I'll tell you this: it was a hot week for me!

A loyal and true fan of me and the Aigles asked me some time ago, if he could visit me.
After a lot of mailing, we came to an appointment in a SM-club of friends of mine.
of course I was dressed in one of my favorite outfits incluiding the Aigles.
Right on time he entered the club, in his hand a big bag with all his favorite things.
First we drank some coffee and talked about a lot of things. But after a while I ordered him upstairs, to dress himself properly.
When I entered the suite, he was standing there in a totally perfect ridingoutfit. On his feet brand new Aigles. I didn't say much, I just looked at him en walked around.
After a few minutes I stood in front of him, saying he should go on his knees and clean my Aigles. I saw his eyes, lightning up with a big smile and in a second he was at my feet, doing his job.
of course he forgot some spots, but don't worry: I punished him for it.
During that afternoon I used him as my ponyboy with a saddle on his back and a bit in his mouth. I punched my Aigles in his sides to let him walk faster. And of course I used my ridingwhip on his ass.
And the end of the afternoon my Aigles were shiny and clean. My fan had a dry tongue, but also a sour butt and you know? He was so very happy with it, he just kissed me and my Aigles again when he left. "Till next time, Mylady!" he screamed, when he stepped into the cab, bringing him back home.

I was enjoying all this very, very much, but unfortunatly he didn't want to be seen on photo's. So, I'm sorry, my Aiglesfans. I only can tell you about this hot afternoon. Maybe when you're willing to be an Aiglemodel, just mail me and we will see what possibilities we have in the future.

2005 dec 11

Hello Aiglelovers

Yes, its Sunday, Aigleprincessday!
A few days ago I met one of my real fans who had a sweet gift for me. He wanted to go with me to the christmasshop and buy me some shiny decorations for my christmastree.
Such a nice thought from him, but...I did not yet have a christmastree! Well he thought we could drive to a forrest and search for a big one. I was happy with his idea and on we went with our Aigles on our feet.
I was driving his fourwheeldrive with my Aigles on the gas and within half an hour we smelled the christmastrees.
The forrest was very wet and cold, cause a day before it was raining very hard. So we soaked in the splashes and mud to search for a good christmastree. When I'd pointed out a big one, my fan wanted to take his axe and started smiling. But oh oh, a policeman was standing right behind us, saying this wasn't allowed. We should buy one in a shop or so, he told us.
I turned around, looked at him and now I saw him smiling with a blush. He said: "Ma'am, can I ask you something? Are you pherhaps the AiglePrincess from the internet???"
I was very surprised he'd recognized me, here in this scene, this area and this occasion. And okay, I was very flattered to be recognized cause of my Aigles. So I returned a big smile, confirmed his question and told him we should be leaving and putting the axe in the thrunk.
He almost invited us to come to the station were he's posted, so everyone could see the Lady he was telling them for about some weeks. Driving them crazy with his fantasies.
of course we could not grand his invitation, but it was appealing :-)
Later on we went to the proper place to get a big christmastree, but it was less fun.

Now you all can see that I'm a real Lady, living in the Netherlands and enjoying my christmastree and the new decorations my fan gave me.

2005 dec 4


Hello Bootlovers,

It's Sunday, so I guess you'll be waiting for your Aigleprincess to write you some bootsteps. And yes, a Princess a princess, a word a word :-))
When I'm looking through my window, I see the rain falling down, making everything soaked outside. That brings me back to last week, when the weather was that bad also.
Luckely my new red Aigles needed some attention from me and they got there first outside-walk with me.
I dressed up properly, of course my new red Aigles on my feet with big socks in them.
My big dog (a realy strong Rottweiler Bitch) on a leach and up we went: The park nearby my house was inviting us to take a ferm and wet walk.
My dog was running and splashing around when I took off the leach, she was so happy with her freedom and all the mud. In no time she was soaked because of the rain, but also she was very dirty because of all the mud in the park. And my boots??? My God, my boots started red and shiney, but now they turned grey from the mud. When I stept into a mudflat (I hope I say it right), it splashed all over me. And the sound of walking into this mudflat....God, what a great sound.
In the meantime my whole body was turned warm and my socks soaked wet. Walking in the mud with my dog was a good thing to do, cause now the red Aigles had their maidenwalk.
I passed by a little restaurant now and I was getting thirsty so I sat down and ordered a cup of coffee and some water for my dog. She was laying at my feet, her tongue out of her mouth. I looked down at her and thought...maybe another time a slave is laying at my muddy feet :-) Then he can lick and polish my boots, while I'm resting and drinking my coffee.
Nice thought, don't you think???



P.S. Too bad the photographer wasn't around this time. Next time I hope he'll join me on a walk in the mud, so you can see some really dirty pictures.

2005 nov 27


Hi All,

Wanna know about yesterday at the Kamasutra's?? Okay, I'll tell you..
Yesterday me and my photographer went to the Kamasutra, an erotic fair in Amsterdam.
There are a lot of nude girls, toys, sexy clothes and high heels, shows and clubs, but also BDSM-minded people. People who are interested in this sexual variant, but also some who have a fetish for leather, rubber of stiletto's.
Now you'll understand that I was dressed in my favorite outfit as an Amazone, also wearing my red Aigles. You can imagine a lot of people were staring at me, some even try to touch my boots. And I was talking to some nice people who showed their fetish as well to everyone.
In the afternoon my photographer wanted to take some good pics from me wearing my favorites, but what happened???
The organisation didn't allow others to use a camera, not even for own use.
So I'm dissapointed that I can't show you the fun I've had there, but at least you have the free preview in the gallery of my 4th cd-rom.
And, as promised, we're already working on the 5th CD with some different pictures then you're used from me till now.
When you've seen the 4th gallery, pay attention to the last free pic you see...that will be a hint for you all about the follow up.

Yours, AiglePrincess.

2005 nov 20

Hello Aiglelovers,


I don't need much words now to tell you how I feel. Just look at this pic and imagine how my weekend was.

We've been shooting many pictures and at least fill one cd with it. So plenty of bootfun available very soon, so keep an eye on the news *grinnn*

For now enough, I will take my boots out for dinner.

2005 nov 13

Hello Bootfans,


Here again some bootsteps from me, your AiglePrincess.

Just a few days ago I asked others from a newsgroup to help me.
Help me with what, you're thinking now. Well, for quit a long time I was searching for red Aigleriding boots. I already have different pairs of Aigles, but not yet in this spectaculair colour.
You know, sometimes I'm a fury so my boots have to be red when I'm in that mood. I feel like burning in a vicious fire and my boots have to reflect that.

Okay, I posted my question on the list, after searching and not finding what I like.
After a few days my mailbox told me that someone has taken the time to answer my question and even more.
This fan told me about a site where they expose such boots. of course I looked as soon I could and oh, good Lord...the boots were fabulous and red!
The very best and good news now is that within a few weeks this boots are on my feet.
I will put them on with my bare feets in it, I think. When they're already on, I suppose I'll wear it with my new black ridingpants. Or, maybe with a rubber or leather skirt.
What do you think, bootlovers? What should I wear with my new-to-come-red-Aigles? And where would you like me to wear them? *not that I really promise..grinn..but you'll never know*

2005 nov 6

Hello Bootfans,

Finally some words of me here in Bootsteps. It's a kind of diary which I use to tell you some about me and my boots.
First I want to tell you about the pics of the first cd-rom: Walking in Rotterdam.
I didn't know yet how the boots looked on photo, so me and the photographer first wanted to make some shots to try and find out.
It was a sunny Sunday, so we started for just a few pictures. People were passing us and looked surprised to see a Lady, wearing riding boots without the knowledge of horses around.
I smiled, because I am one of those people who don't need horses to wear Aigleriding boots.
I just wear them because I like them. Uhh, no...I don't like them, I just LOVE them!

Okay, back to this story.. shooting the first pics outside on the street.
After I posed for a while, me and my photographer went inside to take a quick look at the pics, see how they turned out. And ohh, I was so proud of it. It gave me a powerfull feeling, to see the pics and to know that it was ME on the pics.

But whe didn't have enough pictures of course, so a few weekends later we went outside again. Just a few blocks further we started, to have an other background for the pics.
of course a lot of people stopped to stare or wave at us. Some man looked at me with a gaze in their eyes and I smiled, because I could guess what they were thinking.
I felt so powerfull in those boots, that I got the urge to walk over someone. To crush someone maybe, I don't know.. This feeling is great, the warmth and comfort of the boots, even my socks that I'm wearing in the boots are feeling great. It gives me a feeling of total controll and power.

Walking down the river Maas I passed a lot of others, so you can see on the CD-rom. And always I wonder what some of them were thinking, when they see me and the boots. Like an experienced model I walked, turned, layed down on the ground and posed like I was born for it. But oh, you should have known what it was doing to me.

When we finished for this day, again we quickly looked at the pics and gave eachother a highfive because of the result. I was so very glad with the beauty of my boots, oh yeah!

Because I'm a very demanding Lady, I thought it still wasn't enough, the number of pictures. So again on a Sunday we've took more pictures, but unfortunatly the weather was misty and grey.In the morning it was raining, so the good part of it was that there were some small 'pools' on the street. of course my boots were attracted to this 'left-over-rain' and I splashed into it.
We also passed a large boat, used for dinnerparties etc. The boat looked very good to me, so I got over the fence to pose in front of this boat. But what I didn't know that there was an alarm starting. My goodness, what a noise!! I just stayed some minutes so my photographer could shoot the pics and then I left the area.

For now you've an inside look of how the first cd-rom was born :-). It took us about three times to go out and shoot the pics for Walking in Rotterdam. And of course every time my photographer and I were screening the pics on the computer. You'll understand that we've had some work with Photo-programs to make them good enough to show you.

Next time I tell you more about me and my boots. The places we've been to, the people we've meet and the plans we have for the future.
So big hugs and greeting from me for now. Please let me know by mail what you like or dislike.